Aluminum and Stainless Slitting

While process Aluminum or Stainless Steel it is of upmost importance that the surface critical nature of the material is taken into the consideration.  Herr-Voss Stamco has the expertise to provide you with a slitting line that will set you apart from industry.  Our non-ferrous slitting lines incorporate key features to process this specialized material including:

  • Providing shape correction within the slitting line utilizing the Strand Extensioner
  • Slitting line with or without a looping pit
  • Large diameter coil handling
  • Produces excellent quality, tightly wound, straight-sided slit coils.
  • State of the art controls system with an operator interface that is efficient but also easy to use.
  • Robust equipment design virtually eliminates downtime
  • Coil threading features that allows the operate to maximize line efficiency
  • Efficient coil loading and unloading which maximizes coil throughput
  • Precision Injector Quick Change Slitting systems which provides superior cut edge quality with the capability to exchange tooling in the matter of minutes
  • Quick separator tooling systems which maximizes uptime