Enhanced Leveling Techology

Enhanced leveling is the new benchmark for producing stay-flat material.  When coupled with our industry leading corrective levelers, ELT™ gives you an unparalleled competitive advantage in differentiating yourself from your competitors.

Enhanced Leveling Technology addresses the problem of un-uniform (trapped) strain in sheets that have been correctively leveled.  This is done through a unique combination of very severe and uniform bending. 

Due to the continuous uniform bending through the length of the sheet and across its width, 100% of the sheet is subjected to exactly the same amount of work creating homogenous strain in all directions.  This cannot be said about other secondary processes.

The end result is reliably consistent, repeatable and verifiable flat material that stays flat.  Sheet to sheet, coil to coil for the most critical end user applications, materials that must stay flat during fabrication cannot have dissimilar internal strain.  Enhanced Leveling Technology is the most consistent and reliable method of producing homogenous stay-flat material for the most demanding applications.