HS²T™ High Strength Slitting Technology

HS2T™ allows the automotive supply chain service centers and toll processors to process AHSS enabling the automotive OEM's to meet the C.A.F.E. requirements by achieving their weight reduction targets.

While considering your specific requirements, we maintain a constant emphasis on engineering excellence, quality manufacturing and product innovation.  We utilize this approach to produce a world class slitting line with the following key features:

  • A reliable solution to the industry’s need for slitting high strength steels
  • HS2T™ has improved operational efficiency by effectively eliminating the number of double pass slitting runs through the slitting process
  • Eliminating the number of re-works due to slit edge quality - HS2T™ consistently and repeatedly produces a superior slit edge quality and tight tolerance width control.
  • Improved operational efficiency due to processing the advanced high strength steels at higher process speeds.
  • The line tension control results in tight wound coils that can be safely packaged and transported to downstream operations.
  • Improved tonnage between tooling regrinds.
  • State of the art controls system with an operator interface that is efficient but also easy to use.
  • Robust equipment design virtually eliminates downtime
  • Precision Injector Quick Change Slitting systems which provides superior cut edge quality with the capability to exchange tooling in the matter of minutes
  • Quick separator tooling systems which maximizes uptime