Rolls and Back-Up Bearings

Herr-Voss Stamco® offers a large variety of work rolls and backup bearings for ALL manufactured brands of levelers and flatteners. We are known worldwide for our rolls and backup bearings, new, and Reconditioning services.

Work Rolls

We offer a wide range of roll materials including:

  • 52100, induction-hardened and normalized, for use in most general applications
  • High nickel stainless, induction-hardened, for use in applications where yield strengths are up to 120 KSI and also for abrasive applications, such as galvanizing
  • Tool steel, induction-hardened, used in applications with yield strengths up to 150 KSI
  • Vanadium, for applications with yield strengths up to 280 KSI

Backup Bearings

Herr-Voss Stamco maintains a very large inventory of standard and non-standard backup bearings for your leveler. Please call our Customer Service Department for all your bearing needs.

Tension Leveler Backup Roll Assemblies

No matter who designed and manufactured your tension leveler, in most cases we can replace your existing backup bearings from our inventory.