Strand Extensioner® Slitting

The Strand Extensioner® is the most effective process available to enhance product quality and expand your markets. It can produce a slit mult that is of higher quality than the master coil. This process will slit, provide shape correction, maintain critical material surface quality, and reduce burr, in one safe and highly productive operation. Slitter operators prefer Strand Extensioner Slitting because of its tight-line operation which does not require a looping pit.

While considering your specific requirements, we maintain a constant emphasis on engineering excellence, quality manufacturing and product innovation.  We utilize this approach to produce a world class slitting line with the following key features:

  • No looping pit required; tight-line operation.
  • Improves strip shape and removes slitter induced bow.
  • Produces excellent quality, tightly wound, straight-sided slit coils.
  • Preserves surface quality. Capable of processing exposed automotive, painted, and polished metals, aluminum, and stainless steel.
  • Steers splits onto the recoiler without the need for a center cut or separator.
  • Reduces slitting burrs for less frequent knife regrinds.
  • All slit strands tail-out simultaneously.
  • State of the art controls system with an operator interface that is efficient but also easy to use.
  • Robust equipment design virtually eliminates downtime
  • Coil threading features that allows the operate to maximize line efficiency
  • Efficient coil loading and unloading which maximizes coil throughput
  • Precision Injector Quick Change Slitting systems which provides superior cut edge quality with the capability to exchange tooling in the matter of minutes
  • Quick separator tooling systems which maximizes uptime